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How to End the Calls

We have done extensive research, talked with attorneys and asked others like you who have been harassed about ways to make the calls stop.  We’ve added a step-by-step process to help you.  To start, it’s very important to be aware of your rights because you won’t look like an easy victim.  Telemarketers listen for keywords and phrases that tell them you’re going to be more hassle than it’s worth.  Second, remember to be firm but polite.   If you’re rude or abrasive, there’s a good chance that they’ll get even by putting you back in the system for more irritating calls.   


TCPA Rules You Need to Know (For more in depth information, click here)

  • Auto-dialed sales calls to a cell phone are always illegal.  Listen for a recorded message asking you to do something, calls that just hang up or calls where there is a time lag between when you answer and when someone comes on the line at the other end.


  • Telemarketers are not allowed to call you if your name is on the federal do-not-call list.


  • They can’t call you after you tell them to stop.


  • All telemarketers are required to keep an internal do-not-call list of people like you who don’t want to be contacted.


  • Damages are $500 to $1,500 per attempted call.  You don’t have to answer the phone for it to be a violation; they only have to dial your number.


Steps to Make the Calls Stop

  • Put your number on the do-not-call list.  It’s easy and only takes a minute. Call 1-888-382-1222 (you MUST call from the phone number that you wish to register) or go to  It may take between 3-31 days for your registration to become effective. Registering may not stop all calls, but know that it is now illegal for them to call you for at least five years.


  • Keep a log of who called and when.  This is important since you are likely being hassled by more than one company.  You need to keep the violators straight.


  • Keep your phone records as proof of the phone calls.


  • On the first call, politely tell the telemarketer something like this:  “I am not interested in selling more payments.  Please put my phone number on your internal do-not-call- list.”


  • On the second call, remind them that you have asked them to quit calling and that they are violating federal law by doing so.  Again, remind them to put your number on their internal do-not-call list.


  • After the first two warnings above, you may have to step it up.  You have the right to sue the telemarketer in your local small claims court, state court or potentially in a federal class action.  At $500 to $1,500 per attempted call, the damages can get large.  Let the telemarketer know that if they don’t stop calling, you will take legal action.


What else can I do? is a part of the Ethics Initiative (  The purpose of the Initiative is to stop the predatory practices in the factoring industry, clean business up, and ultimately help annuitants feel secure and confident in their persons and income streams.  If you’ve been getting calls by companies asking you to cash out your structured settlement or annuity, especially to the point of harassment, we’d like to hear from you.  Please click here fill out a testimonial.  With your permission, we will add it to a growing list of people who are taking a stand against the telemarketing predators that are after you and your money.


Don’t be a victim.  Help clean up the industry and take a stand today.

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